How to Buy a Delay Pedal?

Answer Effects pedals are an effective way to increase the variety of sounds available to you as a guitar player. In addition to offering you more tonal possibilities, pedals allow you to switch between d... Read More »

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Can you use a guitar hero world tour drum pedal&rock band 2 drum pedal together?

According to the compatibility list on on the Rock Band website, the drums can be used interchangeably between the two games. With the release of the similar games from the two companies, compatib... Read More »

How to Delay in C?

Did you ever want to make a C program wait for a certain time?You can set up a technique to allow time to tick away, for example: when showing a splash page (a notice or hint) for a game.Okay, here... Read More »

Anyone delay the MMR?

Not yet as Elyse is only 7 months but we will be following this schedule (my ped's suggestion):Mumps at 12 monthsRubella at 24 monthsMeasles at 3 yearsAll of these diseases are more dangerous if ca... Read More »

Is there any way to delay your period?

I agree with the first answer. I included more water in my diet (I used to barely drink water before, just juice and soda) and my periods got lighter, shorter, and painless. Water doesn't make your... Read More »