How to Buy a Clock for a Chinese Friend?

Answer In Chinese culture, it is regarded as unlucky to give a clock as a gift. The phrase "give clock" (song4 zhong1) is pronounced the same as "attend a father's funeral", so by giving someone a clock y... Read More »

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How to Make a Chinese Water Clock?

Water clocks appeared in the Far East between the years of 200 to 1300 CE, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Physics Laboratory. These clocks were helpful in measuring... Read More »

How to Build a Chinese Water Clock?

The Chinese people began using water clocks sometime between 200 and 1300 BC, according to the website Water clock making was a result of the need for an instrument to measure tim... Read More »

Who invented the Chinese water clock?

The Chinese water clock was adapted from the Greek version by Su-Sung in the 11th century. The 40-foot-high clock took eight years to complete and was powered by a water wheel that exerted enough ... Read More »

When did the Chinese invent the mechanical clock?

In 1086, the emperor of the Sung dynasty in China tasked Su-Sung to create a new type of water clock. Eight years later, this new water clock, complete with a mechanical "tick-tock" motion, was com... Read More »