How to Buy a Car Below Invoice?

Answer Negotiation 101: Secret tips and strategies to ensure you pay well below sticker price!

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How to Buy a New Car Below Dealer's Invoice?

Car dealers sometimes advertise brand-new cars for a dollar below dealer invoice, or even $50 or $100 below invoice. It sounds like an amazing deal, but the seller is not taking a loss, the Edmunds... Read More »

How to Buy a Car Below Dealer Invoice?

Many car buyers don't realize that a dealer invoice does not reflect the true cost of a new vehicle. It gives a baseline, but other factors like a holdback that is rebated to the dealer by the manu... Read More »

What is a hard lump forming below the main gum-line but below a molar that had caused pain but was not treated and now only tingles and could it be related to your pregnancy?

Answer Some changes to a womans pregnancy can be related to pregnancy but its best to see your doctor or dentist to be certain. Take care.

What does 20-25 degrees C below ambient temperature mean as in a mini cooler does it mean below the room temp?

Answer Yes, or at whatever temperature the cooler is stored: inside hot car during summer, ect.