How to Buy a Business out of Insolvency?

Answer This article covers some of the main pitfalls specific to buying an insolvent business. There are many advantages to buying a business out of insolvency, although it may not seem like an obvious ch... Read More »

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Insolvency Job Description?

An insolvent firm is a company that can no longer repay debts or meet other financial commitments on time. Insolvency associates are legal specialists who help creditors recover debt from insolvent... Read More »

Insolvency & Bankruptcy?

For individuals, insolvency is the financial condition of having liabilities greater than assets. For businesses, insolvency is a financial condition that is usually described as either the state o... Read More »

Annotated Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act?

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is a federal law that allows financially troubled Canadian citizens to petition for debt relief, according to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.

How to Fill Out a Statement to Determine Insolvency?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers must report canceled or forgiven debts unless they qualify for an exception. In the eyes of the IRS, having debts forgiven essentially amounts t... Read More »