How to Buy a Bulletproof Vest?

Answer Although most commonly associated with members of police officer SWAT teams, bulletproof vests are worn by patrol officers, private security, and by anyone needing protection from being shot. Also ... Read More »

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Who invented the bulletproof vest?

According to National Public Radio, Reverend Casimir Zeglen, a Chicago priest, invented the bulletproof vest in 1893 after the mayor of Chicago was fatally shot in his home. The fabric used was 1/... Read More »

Can a minor wear a bulletproof vest?

It is legal for a parent to buy a minor a bulletproof vest to wear, but is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest if the wearer intends to commit a crime while wearing it.References:Bulletproof Me: Qui... Read More »

Who created the first bulletproof vest?

The first garment whose sole purpose was to stop projectiles shot from a firearm was invented in 1893 by Polish-American immigrant and scientist Casimir Zeglen. Aware that autopsies of bullet victi... Read More »

Who Invented the First Bulletproof Vest?

For centuries, methods of defending the torso have been in use. Protection against arrows and early firearms, usually centered around metal breastplates or leather jackets. The first vest designed ... Read More »