How to Buy a Budgie (Parakeet)?

Answer White budgie (parakeet)If you've been looking for a feathered friend, try budgies. They are easy to care for, and can live in areas as small as apartments to as big as mansions.

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How to Bond With Your Parakeet/Budgie?

A parakeet is a great pet, but you cannot expect it to get settled down in 5 minutes. You must bond with the animal and help it understand that you are its new owner. It might take a few days but d... Read More »

How to Introduce a New Parakeet to Another Parakeet?

The parakeet, known as a "budgie" in several parts of the world, is originally from Australia and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The bird is known for its loud voice and has the ability to... Read More »

How to Tell the Age of a Budgie?

Budgies make great first pets for the novice bird keeper. Budgies have lots of personalities and some even learn to talk. Males are more prone to talk than females, so pick a boy if you want a talk... Read More »

How to See if Your Pet Budgie Is Sick?

A parakeet is a very intelligent, and loving animal.However, they can get sick. As a good owner, it is important to see if he is.