How to Buy a Book with Your Nook?

Answer An e-reader is an electronic device used to read digital editions of books and periodicals. The Nook is an e-reader that is being marketed by Barnes and Noble, which offers a wide range of titles t... Read More »

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How do you move nook books from your computer to your nook?

Hi, coffee beans, first of all you could've done it right there at B&N store that provides free Wi-Fi to Nook's or any Starbucks or any McDonalds or airport or any other place that provides free Wi... Read More »

How to Publish a Book on Nook?

In this growing day and age it now possible to publish and access books quickly using eBook technology. Read on to find out how you can publish your book on Nook.

How to Buy a Nook Book for Someone Else?

E-readers are portable, rectangular electronic devices that let you store and read digital copies of books or other publications. They eliminate the weight of carrying several books with you, makin... Read More »

Can i transfer a book i bought on google play to my nook?

the answer is yes to it is said from google that Google e-books is also compatible with any dedicated e-book reader that supports the Adobe e-book platform. That is to say Google books prote... Read More »