How to Buy a Body Kit?

Answer A body kit consists of different parts for modifying the outward appearance of a car or truck. These parts may include spoilers, bumpers for the vehicle's front and rear, and parts for the sides an... Read More »

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Would you rather have a Great Body and a Terrible self-body-image, or an OK body and a Great self-body-image?

Okay body and great self-body-image. Confidence is attractive and important enough to make up for the eh-ish body. Plus, I know what having a poor image of yourself is like... I would like to live ... Read More »

Where Is Everybody (body) ..... (body) .... (body) ....?

Epul stfu of they're going to troll the RHH section ...keep the peace we've had...Respect to the R&P section from RHHEDIT: I just got tired of being suspended...EDIT2: I've been suspended about 4-5... Read More »

Will your body burn stored body fat during starvation mode?

Yes. A lot of people think starvation mode is when your metabolism shuts down. Although that's true that's only a small part of it. Starvation mode is when your body basically eats itself for energ... Read More »

Why does my body look extremely better but body fat never changes on the scale?

No scales can measure body fat% correctly.I have a scales that measure it, but it says I'm 4% body fat, which means I should be suffering from organ failure.My body fat is about 13% its only out b... Read More »