How to Buy a Birthday Card for a Teenager?

Answer Buying cards for teenagers is always the hardest. Here are my tips on how.

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Teenager birthday party planning?

Thy would be a perfect place! I would say not more than 20 people including family if your not having family the 10ish friends The pArty should last 2-3 hours Don't forget food!- little sandwichesP... Read More »

Teenager Birthday Breakfast Ideas?

Many teenagers dash out the door in the morning after choking down a bowl of sugary cereal or grabbing a processed treat, if anything. Preparing a delicious, nourishing breakfast for a growing teen... Read More »

Formal Birthday Party Ideas for a Teenager?

Birthdays are important; it can be difficult to find a fresh, creative way to celebrate your teenager's birthday. Teenagers, especially older teenagers, love to explore the new phase of life they'r... Read More »

Birthday party ideas for a 14 year old teenager?

Make the theme neon, and everybody has to wear at least one thing neon.Make it a competition! There are 4 teams, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, and neon pink. You find out your team when you... Read More »