How to Buy a Bike Shop in the UK?

Answer Councils are introducing more and more dedicated bike lanes every year, while 2005’s terrorist atrocities in London have led to a boom in bicycle use. So it’s not surprising that the capital’... Read More »

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BMX Bike aka Freestyle Bike vs 49cc Pocket Bike vs 110cc Dirt Bike?

unless you live in an unpopulated area of new york state, not city. bmx. as the other said, exercise, also, no need to buy gas and oil to mix properly or kill it unless you get a 4 stroke. if you a... Read More »

What kind of motorcycles are you riding, street bike, scooter, sport bike What brand, model, engine is it?

I ride a 50cc Honda Dio, bored & stroked to 100cc. It's really quick and easy to ride in the rain. It's small enough that I can bring it in the house at night. But it's getting old. I think my ne... Read More »

To mod my bike or buyout a new dual sport.. or straight up dirt bike?

IMHO, a dirt only bike is useless. You need to ride on the streets to get to the dirt.On the other hand, That is my opinion. I ride for transportation. If you want just to ride for fun, and don'... Read More »

I left my bike unlocked at a bank bike rack?

Be glad you don't live in Amsterdam. The local junkies steal bikes to order - the advantage being if your bike gets stolen you can walk over to Centraal Station and buy another (maybe even your own... Read More »