How to Buy a Bathroom Sink?

Answer Bathroom sinks have been designed to provide style to the bathroom as well as purpose. They come in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Bathroom sinks can be mounted to the wall, stand on the... Read More »

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Why do men use the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom sink to clean their mouth or wash their hand?

Awesome question, I never thought about it, And yeah it is true, I do wash my face and hands in Kitchen sink....HahaYou deserve a Star....Anyway as far as your question is concerned hmmm I really d... Read More »

How to Replace a Bathroom Sink?

Bathroom sinks may become chipped, stained or scratched. You may want to install a new sink to enhance the ambience of your bathroom and create a fresh, clean look. Replacing a bathroom washbasin m... Read More »

How can I unclog my bathroom sink?

open up the cupboard underneath and get a bucket. disconnect the pipe where it "u"s.Most everything you have will be right there...get some rubber gloves and start pulling it out.If it's anything ... Read More »

How do i fix a clogged bathroom sink?

Removing the StopperPut on rubber gloves. Get under the sink and lie on your back. Locate the sink's tailpiece of drain pipe that leads directly from the sink drain to the curved P-trap under the d... Read More »