How to Buy a Bathroom Sink?

Answer Bathroom sinks have been designed to provide style to the bathroom as well as purpose. They come in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. Bathroom sinks can be mounted to the wall, stand on the... Read More »

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Why do men use the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom sink to clean their mouth or wash their hand?

Awesome question, I never thought about it, And yeah it is true, I do wash my face and hands in Kitchen sink....HahaYou deserve a Star....Anyway as far as your question is concerned hmmm I really d... Read More »

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink?

I admit it. I'm a bit neurotic and obsessive compulsive. However, in my apartment, finding things is a breeze and everything has an orderly organized nature. For example, underneath my sink is an o... Read More »

Who invented the bathroom sink?

While the general consensus is that bathroom sinks were invented in the 18th century, there is some debate over who the actual inventor was. John Roughley and Austin L. Richmond are both credited a... Read More »

How to Caulk a Bathroom Sink?

Drop-in sinks are made to hang from the top of a counter by their rims. While these rims appear to sit flush to the counter, there is actually a small gap between the rim and counter where water an... Read More »