How to Buy a Backpack for Hiking?

Answer Hiking is an activity many people enjoy. It is an opportunity to enjoy exercise and fresh air, and it offers many people a chance to experience natural beauty. Whether hiking for the day, or taking... Read More »

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How to Pack a Hiking Backpack?

Packing a backpack, very easyHiking is fun to do. You venture out in a countryside or in the woods for pleasure. You know how to do hiking, but do you know how to pack a hiking backpack?

How many pounds can a hiking baby backpack hold?

A hiking baby backpack can typically hold a child up to 40 lbs plus 10 lbs of gear, according to Consumer Reports. The weight of the backpack itself can add another four to five lbs to your load, s... Read More »

How to Fix Hiking Shoes for Safe and Comfortable Hiking?

If you're a serious hiker, you have probably gone to a lot of effort to purchase great hiking boots. No matter how good your boots are, however, they cannot ensure a foot safe and comfortable hike ... Read More »

How to Use a GPS While Hiking?

Advances in technology have made a Global Positioning System (GPS) device an excellent tool for hikers of all types. From adventure hiking in Alaska national forests to even more commonly traveled ... Read More »