How to Buy Virtual Console Games for Nintendo Wii?

Answer Ever miss the classics like Super Mario Brothers 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other fun games from the past? Nintendo has been nice, and allowed you to play them again! Here's how to re-download and ... Read More »

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Can you play nintendo 64 games on the wii console?

The Nintendo Wii isn't compatible with Nintendo 64 game cartridges, but gamers looking to play their old games on the Wii can pay to download and play many of their favorites for the Nintendo Wii's... Read More »

How to Play Virtual Console Games on the Wii?

Want to play some of the games you enjoyed in decades past but don't have those old systems anymore? With the Wii's Virtual Console you can relive the past by downloading some of your favorite clas... Read More »

What Wii Virtual Console games can be played with a remote?

Many of Nintendo's Virtual Console games can be played with the Wii remote, including games that originally were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Turbografx-16 and Sega Master System... Read More »

What is a Wii Virtual Console?

The Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii collects hundreds of games from video gaming history from such platforms as the NES, Super NES, Genesis, Turbografx-16 and more. Players can purchase games u... Read More »