How to Buy Violin Strings?

Answer Uh oh. Your violin string just broke and you need to get another one as soon as possible so you can practice! What do you do? Read on, of course!

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How to Put Strings on a Violin?

When you are changing a string, it can get difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Instead of paying to take it to the shop, here are some steps to quickly get the job done.

Comparison of Violin Strings?

The violin strings contribute to the quality of your sound. The trick is to find a string that compliments your instrument and style. It may take trying several types of strings before settling on ... Read More »

Can you use guitar strings on a violin?

No, you cannot use guitar strings on a violin. Guitar strings are too thick for a violin. In addition, guitar strings are made of nylon or have a coating on them because they are meant to be strumm... Read More »

How to Learn Violin Strings?

To learn how to play the violin, you must first learn the violin's open strings. Since there are only four strings, this is quite easy to do, if done correctly.