How to Buy Tennis Shoes?

Answer Tennis is a sport that requires much agility and body coordination. Due to the back-and-forth nature of tennis play, as well as the need to constantly switch directions when running, the shoes are ... Read More »

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How to Compare Tennis Shoes?

Tennis equipment is as important to the game as the person playing. The appropriate tennis shoes can provide comfort, support and increase agility, however players wearing non-tennis shoes or tenni... Read More »

How do you get gum off the bottom of tennis shoes?

Freeze it with an ice cube then scrape off with a common head screw driver or use a product called Goo GoneChewing gumRub area with ice, then scrape off with dull blade. Sponge with dry cleaning so... Read More »

How to Clean Tennis Shoes?

Cleaning your tennis shoes helps reduce odor from sweat, and cleaning your shoes regularly prolongs their life. Unless you only wear your tennis shoes at a pristine indoor gym, they‘re probably e... Read More »

How to Break in a New Pair of Tennis Shoes?

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