How to Buy Super Bowl Tickets from

Answer You can go to the NFL site for Super Bowl tickets. Even band, team, and theater sites offer the opportunity to purchase tickets online. Ticketmaster is also a reliable source for tickets. But, what... Read More »

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How are Super Bowl tickets distributed?

Super Bowl tickets aren't easy to purchase, and if you want to go to the big game, it is important to know how the tickets are distributed in the first place. Every year, tickets go to teams, chari... Read More »

How do I purchase Super Bowl tickets?

Tickets for the Super Bowl, one of the most popular U.S. sporting events, do not come cheap. You can expect to spend no less than $400 upper-level seats. Decent seats start at $2,000. Your options ... Read More »

What is the percentage the players get of the tickets in the Super Bowl?

Currently NFL players do not get a share of Super Bowl revenue even if their teams play in the game. The Super Bowl in 2010 paid the winning team's players $83,000 each and the losing players $42,0... Read More »

How can you find cheap Super Bowl tickets?

The first thing to realize when you begin your search for cheap Super Bowl tickets is that, in this context, the term "cheap" is extremely relative. For the most recent game a cheap seat clocked in... Read More »