How to Buy Rare Collectible Coins?

Answer If you are a beginner numismatist, the grading and accreditation which surround rare coins can probably seem quite perplexing. So, for the novice, here are some easy tips to set you on your path to... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Collectible Coins?

Many collectible coins are made of copper and a collector may encounter problems in maintaining their features and appearance. A person collecting this type of coin should learn how to maintain and... Read More »

Are collectible gold coins really worth the investment?

On One Hand: Collectible Gold Coins Accrue ValueGold coins generally become more valuable over time. A rare gold coin that was minted in the early 20th century, such as a 1933 double eagle, can be ... Read More »

How to Find Rare Coins?

Great, you've decided to pursue the fascinating hobby of numismatics (coin collecting). Now all you need are some coins. Read on to find out how to find rare coins without paying a fortune.

Value of Rare U.S. Confederate Coins?

In the first year of the Civil War (1861), the Confederacy minted two coin prototypes: half dollars and one cent pieces. Very few of these coins (less than 1,000 in all) were minted, and even fewer... Read More »