How to Buy Proof Coins?

Answer Proof coins originally were coins struck to test whether the dies created to make coins had been made correctly, and if there were any last minute changes necessary before preparing large numbers o... Read More »

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Are proof coins circulated?

The U.S. Mint produces proof coins and does not place them in circulation. Proofs are the highest quality coins produced by the mint and sold to collectors and investors in protective holders.Refer... Read More »

What is the definition of proof coins?

Proof coins are the first struck coins of an issue. They are not intended for general circulation. Typically they are double-struck and minted at a slower rate than normal so the coins are distingu... Read More »

Are proof coins legal tender?

While a proof coin is legal tender, it is typically worth more than face value. Since its only legal tender value is the face value of the coin, using it as legal tender would therefore be silly.Re... Read More »

How to Separate Canadian Coins from American Coins?

Ever had a big box of coins that you wanted to use, but had both Canadian and American currency in it? This guide will show you an easy way to separate them.