How to Buy Premium Bonds?

Answer Premium bonds are sold by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), which is located in the United Kingdom (UK). NS&I is backed by Her Majesty's Treasury, the finance arm of UK's government, and is ... Read More »

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Premium bonds?…You need to input your holder number, not the number of any of the bonds you have. This is available on about the 3rd working day of each month. The big p... Read More »

Are premium bonds worthwhile?

On One Hand: There are Prizes and InterestPremium bonds were introduced to the UK in 1956 as a way to get ordinary wage earners to participate in a risk-free lottery program. Premium bonds carry th... Read More »

Does issuing bonds at a premium assure a favorable impact on cash flow&income?

On One Hand: Premium Bonds Raise More Capital Initially.Issuing bonds at a premium is a way to maximize the amount of capital received upfront, and has a positive effect on cash flow and net income... Read More »

Are high-yield bonds better than regular bonds?

On One Hand: Higher Risk.High-yield bonds are bonds that have been rated BB or lower, and they are often referred to as speculative or junk bonds. Regular bonds, called investment-grade bonds, have... Read More »