How to Buy Pokemon Cards?

Answer Pokemon cards are awesome!Want to play with Pokemon cards but don't have any? As Dawn would say, no need to worry!

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How to Value Your Pokemon Cards?

Want to sell your Pokemon cards? Or do you simply want to find out how much your deck would sell for? Here's how to determine the value of your cards.

How many different Pokemon cards are there?

The Pokemon trading card game made its debut in Japan in 1996 and came to North American in 1998. Forty-four sets of cards were created for the Pokemon trading card game. Each set has a different n... Read More »

How to Buy Rare Pokemon Cards?

Rares and holofoils can be difficult to find and are sought after by all Pokemaniacs. One way to get rare Pokemon cards is to buy them. Here are some tips.

How to Play With Pokemon Cards?

Let's say you like the Pokemon movies, video games and TV show. Well here is how to take your Pokemon obsession to the next level. Playing with Pokemon cards is the ultimate way to show you are a f... Read More »