How to Buy Patio Furniture?

Answer A patio is not complete without a place to sit. There are many furniture items available for the outdoors, and they can be found at department stores, home improvement shops and online retailers. T... Read More »

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Is there a way to anchor patio furniture on the patio of a vacation rental that doesn't look tacky?

Bolt them in the patio through the base of the chair. It won't be noticeable but will prevent it from being moved. Don't do it to chairs for a table as they won't be able to be used when sitting a... Read More »

How to Clean Patio Furniture?

When you're organizing a barbecue for family and friends, naturally you'll get your garden furniture out. Only one problem – the garden furniture is really dirty! Read here for some advice and in... Read More »

Patio Furniture Ideas?

There are many styles and materials available when choosing patio furniture. Some may be more durable and last longer while others may be easier to move or store over the winter. Planning your outd... Read More »

Furniture for a sloped patio?

yeah you can't grill on a slope. has to be flat. as for the rest of the space... is there any way to talk to the landlord and ask if you can do the work and take it off rent since it will add useab... Read More »