How to Buy Music Rights?

Answer If you want to use someone else’s music in a film, video, presentation or other public context, you need to buy music rights to do so, if the music isn’t currently in the public domain. This ca... Read More »

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How to Get a Music Rights License?

Whether you want to cover one song for a recording, use a snippet of a song you want to sample, or play an entire record at a public performance, it's necessary to secure the correct rights in orde... Read More »

How to Get Burn Rights for Music?

In the United States, it is illegal to reproduce copyrighted music without permission, whether it is in digital, analog or printed formats. This remains true even as peer-to-peer (P2P) websites mak... Read More »

Help!! Need a YouTube Music Rights Contract!?

Don't worry so much copyright usually isn't a very big deal... A lot of people do it and end up getting away with it. Your most likely to be ok.

Can a mother request from the judge to reinstate fathers parental rights once she has already petitioned the court to terminate his rights and the judge did terminate his parental rights?

Yes. It's called "disruption" and it does happen. Sometimes a child comes home with problems so severe that they cannot be handled by the new family; in such cases, the parents can seek to disrupt ... Read More »