How to Buy Multiple Windows Licenses?

Answer When you purchase Microsoft Windows from a big box retailer, such as an office supply store, that version usually carries a single license for use on one. If you need to use Windows on multiple com... Read More »

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Can you hold multiple state fishing licenses?

You will need a valid fishing license for every state you fish, along with any applicable stamps and tags. Traveling anglers frequently hold valid fishing licenses for more than one state. Many sta... Read More »

How to Change Licenses From Ultimate to Pro in Windows 7?

Windows 7 offers several different license types to meet the needs of individual users. These types are "Home", "Professional", and "Ultimate" each with more features, respectively. Users running m... Read More »

Where does Windows Media Player 11 store music licenses?

Windows Media Player 11 stores music licenses in the DRM folder on your hard drive. The exact file location may vary by operating system but they are generally located in: c:\Documents and Settings... Read More »

How do I close multiple windows in IE7?

Closing Multiple WindowsClick on the Internet Explorer icon on the computer desktop. Find a website that has more than one window. Push the "CTRL" and "W" buttons at the same time to shut down all ... Read More »