How to Buy Morrocan Oil Hair Products?

Answer Moroccanoil is a line of hair oil treatment products. Gaining popularity quickly because of its appealing smell, shine enhancers and conditioning properties, Moroccanoil is sold at a variety of ret... Read More »

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How do I get pet stains out of a Morrocan rug?

AbsorbAbsorb liquid from the pet urine or vomit with a chamois cloth or thick towel. Blot, but do not rub the stain, to avoid embedding it in the Moroccan rug’s wool fibers.TreatDilute 1 tbsp. ea... Read More »

Are there any products comparable to wen hair products?

On One Hand: Non-Lathering Natural ShampooThe signature product in the WEN line is the shampoo. WEN says that what makes its shampoo different is that it's a non-lathering, all natural cleaner that... Read More »

African-American Hair Care Products for Natural Hair Loss?

Any number of factors can cause hair loss. People whose families have a history of hair loss may expect that they, too, may develop the same problem. Various diseases, lifestyles, and treatments ca... Read More »

How to Create My Own Recipes for Natural Hair Care Products for Black Hair?

There are an abundance of hair products available, as well as a plethora of recipes for creating natural hair care products for black hair. Since everyone's hair is unique it can be beneficial to c... Read More »