How to Buy Lumber?

Answer Be clear about what you're going to use the lumber for before figuring out how to buy lumber. If you need many different types of lumber, a local lumberyard or sawmill may provide a broader selecti... Read More »

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Nominal Lumber Sizes Vs. Dimensional Lumber Sizes?

Lumber for building has two size references: nominal and dimensional. Nominal dimensions refer to lumber before it is cut and dressed to size at the mill. Dimensional lumber is the product that lea... Read More »

How to Saw Lumber?

Sawing lumber effectively takes practice, and improper technique can be dangerous. The following steps will guide you through sawing lumber safely and accurately using 2 different methods.

How to Use a Bow Saw to Rip Lumber?

If you don't have access to a table saw, ripping wood--cutting a long piece lengthwise--can seem like a daunting task. However, if you have a bow saw, you can effectively rip wood, and it's not dif... Read More »

How to Stain Ash Lumber?

Ash lumber generally accepts almost any color of stain well. However, less patterned ash may dry splotchy, especially if you apply a dark stain. You can combat this potential problem by pre-treatin... Read More »