How to Buy Legal Weapons?

Answer Weapons can be purchased at any gun or firearms dealership; however, the laws in regards to buying "legal" weapons will vary depending on the state or region in which you reside. Laws for buying we... Read More »

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Where did the US get the weapons?

Most US weapons of any kind are made in the US.

What weapons does the CIA use?

What weapons did the U.S use?

You'd have to be specific as to when, and how broad you're being when you say "weapons". Since this is classed under "Japan in WW2", I'll go with that, and say that some of the weapons included: M1... Read More »

Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents?

Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term... Read More »