How to Buy Infant Life Jackets?

Answer Life jackets are an important necessity to have when one is boating. In many jurisdictions, life jackets are the law. Many parents of infants feel restricted in their maritime hobbies because it ca... Read More »

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How are life jackets made?

Personal flotation devices--often called life jackets or life preservers--are safety equipment that are made to save you from drowning in the case of a water emergency, such as falling overboard.Ma... Read More »

How many life jackets were on the Titanic?

The Titanic carried approximately 3,560 life jackets on board. They were created out of canvas and cork materials. In addition to life jackets, there were 20 life boats aboard the Titanic, which wa... Read More »

How do life jackets keep you afloat?

According to the Boat Safe Kids website, life jackets are able to keep you afloat due to buoyancy. Buoyancy occurs when an object less dense than a liquid floats in the liquid. Most life jackets ar... Read More »

How do life jackets work?

Safety-conscious sailors, rowers, whitewater rafters, water skiers and others out on deep bodies of water wear life jackets in case they end up in the water unexpectedly. Life jackets help keep peo... Read More »