How to Buy Hamburger Meat?

Answer A hamburger is ground meat, usually beef, shaped into a patty and fried or grilled. Often served on a bun, the ground beef patty is the most popular sandwich served in the United States and many ot... Read More »

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What cut of meat is best for grinding hamburger?

A beef chuck roast is the best cut to make burger. It has enough fat to meat ratio. You can grind up sirloin too if you prefer a leaner meat.

Can Venus fly traps eat hamburger meat?

The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) eats bugs and insects, but cannot eat hamburger. Protein and fat in the hamburger meat rots the plant and eventually kills it. Venus flytraps can survive witho... Read More »

Accidentally took a bite of raw hamburger meat!?

Don't worry, everything will be ok but if you feel a bit sick then I suggest going to see a doctor:)

Which meat makes the best tasting charcoal grill hamburger?

On One Hand: Buffalo Is Making a ComebackBuffalo burgers are making a huge comeback now that buffalo meat is far more readily available. According to the "Reluctant Gourmet" website, buffalo is a f... Read More »