How to Buy Goods from Secondhand Shops?

Answer Clearly when you buy used goods, you expect them to be in lesser condition than those that are brand new. All the same, to get value for your money and to ensure that the items you do buy are worth... Read More »

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What is the law in switzerland about returning electronic goods to shops?

"do i have any legal rights to demand a refund?"Simple answer: NO. Everything which has been offered to you is a friendly concession of the dealer. Take it or leave it ;-)

Will liability insurance cover a business that purchased stolen goods with out knowing the goods were stolen?

Answer It all depends on the terms of the insurance policy. If it says it will cover that kind of loss, you're covered. If it doesn't specifically cover that kind of loss, you're out.

How to Buy Secondhand Used Trailers?

Shopping is not an easy step it includes what and how to shop for perfect things in life. Money matters always to buy any trailer for this more money you don't have to worry about how and what to g... Read More »

Can you buy HDTV DLP TV secondhand?

Yes you can in fact if you go online you can buy it second hand anywhere for very cheap. I personally bought one second hand and it was easy. I think the persons name was arthur wilkinson and he ha... Read More »