How to Buy Good Rims?

Answer Buying good rims is the main step to building a good wheel, or selecting the right pre-built wheel. While the hubs and spokes are important, the rims have the biggest effect on how the wheel rides.

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What rims would look good on this car?

Black and 18 inch....but with Silver'd look cool manNo idea where u can find some online though, havent tried.

How to Change From 17 Inch Rims to 16 Inch Rims?

Wheels are one of the most defining aspects of a car's or truck's appearance. They are also available in a variety of sizes, from as small as 13 inches to as large as 21 inches and even larger. Oft... Read More »

How to Buy New Rims?

One way to change the appearance of your car and increase its value is to change the rims. The rim is what the tire is seated on.

DIY: Paint Rims?

Car rims take a lot punishment when subjected to the elements. Besides water, mud and dirt, vehicle rims also have to endure brake dust, road salt, tar and cement, which can end up on both the inne... Read More »