How to Buy Gold and Silver Using Bitcoin?

Answer Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is being distributed worldwide. You and other participants in the Bitcoin network are all there is, so there is no need for banks or payment processors in... Read More »

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Uses of Colloidal Silver and Gold?

Alchemists have long known about the healing properties of colloidal silver and gold. Gold therapy was used in ancient Egypt to inhibit arthritis and silver's use as a germ fighter has been handed ... Read More »

How to Buy Gold & Silver Bullion?

Gold and silver bullion can be bought in the form of coins and bars. Gold and silver bullion coins are valued according to the weight of precious metal in them. This distinguishes them from rare co... Read More »

How to Buy Gold & Silver at 35% Below the Market?

Finding places to buy gold and silver at 35% below the market can be time-consuming. Research is necessary in order to find reputable sellers with quality merchandise before buying the gold and sil... Read More »

Silver Vs. Gold Investing?

Gold has a unique mystique. A Goldman Sachs research report referred recently to the "special status" of gold as, "A perceived store of value and a symbol of wealth." Silver, thus, is sometimes see... Read More »