How to Buy Furniture Online?

Answer Buying furniture online may seem daunting at first but can actually be a very rewarding experience. This non-traditional method of purchasing furniture requires some non-traditional methods though.

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How to Sell Used Furniture Online?

The Internet provides many opportunities for buyers and sellers to transact with each other. Selling used furniture is a common task, and this is easily achieved using online websites. The differen... Read More »

How do you sell used furniture online but not using ebay?

eBid - AuctionPrice Minister - Local AdsYour local paper's site

What is the difference between moderne furniture vs modern furniture?

Moderne: Striving to be modern in appearance or style but lacking taste or refinement; pretentious. Modern: Of or relating to recent times or the present

In what year was the JD Furniture Company of Bronx New York making bedroom furniture with lion head hardware?

==Answer== The lion's head motif was popular in the mid 1800's. I did not find a JD Furniture Company.