How to Buy Drawing Paper?

Answer Knowing how to buy drawing paper helps you select the best surface for the medium that you intend to use. Drawing paper ranges from smooth paper suitable for pen and ink to papers with a rougher te... Read More »

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Who invented drawing on paper?

Paper like we use today was invented in China by Lao Tzu. In addition to creating the religion Taoism, Tzu mixed plant fibers and water, creating the smooth, flexible paper like that of modern time... Read More »

How to Pick the Right Drawing Paper for Your Comics?

While a number of comic book artists render their characters on computer, many still prefer to work with paper and pencil. Although you can begin by using any kind of paper to draw on when you firs... Read More »

How to Make a 2D Drawing With Tissue Paper?

It is really easy to make a 2-D drawing using tissue paper or any thin paper. All you need is paper, glue, colors and lots of interest.

How to Transfer a Drawing Onto Graph Paper for Beading?

Though hundreds of free beading patterns exist online, nothing is more original than using your own drawing for a beading project. "Variations let us use the same technique and yet make it our own,... Read More »