How to Buy Door Knobs?

Answer Whether you are replacing old and worn door knobs or building a new home with doors in need of door knobs, you will notice there are a lot of options when it comes to design, finish and additional ... Read More »

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How do I refinish knobs& door knobs?

PrepareDetach all knobs using a screwdriver. Wash the knobs with dish soap, using a coarse sponge. Rinse the door knobs, and dry them with towels.PrimeMove the knobs to a ventilated area, and plac... Read More »

How do I remove door knobs?

Spring-Loaded KnobsLook for a small hole on the shaft of the knob. Poke a small piece of wire or a paper clip into the hole to release the spring mechanism, and pull the knob off of the shaft with ... Read More »

How to Install Baldwin Door Knobs?

Baldwin doorknobs are stylish doorknobs made for both interior and exterior doors. The most common type of door number is the keyed entry lockset. Installing a Baldwin keyed entry doorknob is simpl... Read More »

Are glass door knobs valuable?

On One Hand: Simple Glass Door Knobs were CommonGlass doorknob manufacturing dates back to 1826 and were common in homes for decades. Around 1902, cut glass was introduced and used. This type of ... Read More »