How to Buy Crop Insurance?

Answer Crop insurance is purchased by farmers to protect their crops against the risks presented by weather, insects, wildlife and other disasters. It is a risk management tool for farmers and growers who... Read More »

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Instagram question i find it hard to use the crop on instagram to crop my picsany suggestions?

You can go to the app store and search "Crop" and a bunch of cropping apps will show up. You can find which one you like & maybe it will be easier to crop them! You can crop them before you put the... Read More »

How to Ask Your Mum for a Crop Top?

If you think your breasts are beginning to develop, but you're not quite ready for a bra, maybe it's time for a crop top. Here's how to ask.

Do you like this crop top?

I can't say I particularly do, no. :P I like a lot of crop tops but that one is definitely not what I would have picked!

What is a Bt crop?

A Bt crop is one that has been genetically modified to mimic the soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, for increased protection from insect pests such as European corn borer in corn, and tobacco ... Read More »