How to Buy Clothes While Traveling?

Answer Seasoned travelers know that the key to comfortable traveling is packing light. A small carry on with a few essentials allows you to move easily when you arrive at your destination. If you plan on ... Read More »

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How to Wash Your Clothes when Traveling?

Wash your all your clothes every day and have no dirty laundry on your return flight. Wear clean and fresh clothes every day.

How to Wear the Right Clothes when Traveling and Breastfeeding?

Having breast feeding clothes isn’t a necessity, but it sure does help when you’re breastfeeding in public and pumping at work. Nursing clothes come in a variety of styles and aren’t a necess... Read More »

Why do non smokers complain about there clothes smelling of tobacco I am a smoker and I put on clean clothes?

Tobacco smoke has a strong odor, and the tar and nicotine are very difficult to get- or keep- out of clothes. I once was given a bunch of hand-me-downs from a family where everyone was heavily into... Read More »

Why do clothes pockets turn inside out in a clothes dryer?

It's just because pockets can turn inside out from the action of the dryer.Some clothes dry best if they are put into the dryer inside out anyway.