How to Buy Books for the iPad?

Answer An iPad can be used to read a wide variety of books. A number of apps are available to allow users to view their libraries, take notes, highlight or search for specific text, share passages, and zo... Read More »

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How to Download Kindle Books on an iPad?

With the success and relatively low cost of the Amazon Kindle, many people use both an iPad and a Kindle or at least have a Kindle account in order to access more titles than iBooks offers. Here’... Read More »

Where can you find ipad 2 books easily?

How do you restore Kindle books to the iPad?

If the books you're trying to restore were bought by you, they will always reside on the Amazon server as being part of your Archive. In order to pull them down to your iPad, you need to install th... Read More »

Is a iPad 2 better than a kindle for reading books and storing?

Go to a coffee shop or restaurant with free Wi-Fi internet.