How to Buy Beginner RC Electric Helicopters?

Answer Flying radio-controlled (RC) electric helicopters is becoming an ever-growing phenomenon for people of all ages. There are a variety of electric helicopters that differ in both price and in the ski... Read More »

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How do I fly electric RC helicopters?

Getting It flyingApply a small amount of throttle, just enough to get the helicopter a few inches off the ground. Watch the vehicle's behavior, then adjust the trim until it holds a balanced hover.... Read More »

How to Learn About Electric Helicopters?

Electric helicopters are becoming one of the "fastest growing" hobbies, according to RC Airplane World. Not only are they fun to fly, they make a great hobby because of the work you have to put int... Read More »

List of the Best RTF Fixed-Pitch Electric Helicopters for Outside?

Ready-to-Fly (RTF) helicopters allow you to experience the joy of radio-controlled (RC) helicopters without the fuss involved with assembling the aircraft. These vehicles are fully assembled and ca... Read More »

Electric Guitar and amp for beginner?

Get a fender. They are really good and affordable. And for a amp, you should try out a marshal or a Roland. They usually sell smallest one for 100 bucks, so ye, good luck *****