How to Buy Already Trained Dogs?

Answer There are many benefits to buying a dog that is already trained; such as not having to clean up after the dog during the house-training process, or not having to teach your new dog or puppy common ... Read More »

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How are attack dogs trained?

Attack dogs, such as K-9 officers and some military dogs, are thoroughly trained and exceptionally obedient. Attack training should always be done by a professional.CommandsA properly trained attac... Read More »

How are dogs trained to sniff out certain substances?

A detection dog--otherwise known as a sniffer dog--is trained to use its keen smelling senses to detect illicit or mysterious substances including but not limited to narcotics, blood, explosives or... Read More »

Who first trained dogs to guide blind people?

Murals depicting dogs guiding people go back to the first century AD. Jacob Birrer, a blind 19th-century man, trained his dog to guide him during his travels. Dr. Gerhard Stalling of Germany traine... Read More »

Has anyone ever heard of dogs trained to smell blood sugar changes in a diabetic?

It's the cover story on this month's Diabetes Forecast magazine. You can also find lots of information by doing a web search on "diabetic assistance dogs". It's fascinating stuff.