How to Buy Affordable Pieces That Read Expensive?

Answer Having a small budget and still wanting to look great everyday can at times be challenging. But with this how to will show how to pull it off.

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Should I wait until I have a house and am married to buy expensive pieces of furniture?

If you are getting married soon, I would wait, if you have two incomes, it will be easier to splurge on antiques.

What's that cereal called that looks like little golden pieces of toast?

Trying to build a computer from pieces, will these pieces work together?

Is it expensive to fix a riding tractor that only runs on 1 cylinder that should run on 6?

Someone is pulling your coupon. No such thing as a 6 cylinder torro lawn mower. If it is in fact a 2 cylinder and only running on one, you have to determine what is causing the problem. The first... Read More »