How to Butcher Javelina?

Answer So, you've returned from your hunting trip with a fresh javelina carcass, and you're ready to prepare your prey for the grill. In a lot of ways, the easy work is done; now, you have to skin and car... Read More »

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How to Care for a Javelina?

A JavelinaA javelina is a member of the pig family. They are a hoofed animal that originated from South America. The javelina lives in hot desert climates and has a natural diet existing of cacti, ... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between a Javelina and a Pig?

javelina pigA lot of times people will get a pig and a javelina mixed up, but it is actually really easy to tell the difference between them!

How to Be a Butcher?

Well-trained butchers are an important aspect of food production. In addition to learning how to safely use various cutlery tools, a butcher also needs to know how to cut different kinds of meats s... Read More »

How to Butcher a Bison?

Bison are harvested as domestic livestock and wild game. Butchering a bison is similar to butchering a cow. The animal is large and is either hung from a stand or field dressed and broken into mana... Read More »