How to Bust Open an iPod?

Answer You want to open that iPod so badly, right? You're curious about what's inside that iPod. Or, for other reasons. But, you don't know how to open that iPod. Well, these step by step instructions on ... Read More »

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Do we measure bust-waist-hips or bust-waist-thighs?

Bust: Fullest circumference around your breasts and back.Waist: Narrowest circumference of your torso, usually located slightly above the belly button.Hips: Largest circumference of your butt and t... Read More »

How to Open up an iPod?

A problem with Apple's iPod is that it is not easily opened. Ever need to replace the battery? You're out of luck. The "only" ways are to buy another iPod or pay Apple to replace it for you. Or, yo... Read More »

How to Open a 1st Gen iPod?

Whether you want to discover the inner workings of a first-generation iPod, or you need to access the inside components for a repair, this is a simple do-it-yourself project. Opening the case allow... Read More »

Why don't the apps on my iPod open all the way?

if your ipod is jail broken then it might do that,maybe turn it off and turn it on again or delete the game and download it again :)