How to Bury a Dead Bird?

Answer Do you love birds? Have you had one for years and now it dies? If you want to bury that special bird, this article is for you.

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How to Bury a Wild Baby Bird?

You may innocently be walking in the park when you hear an ears plotting squeal and see the heartbreaking scene of a dead baby bird, pushed out of its nest or a flying lesson gone wrong. This is ho... Read More »

HELP!! Can you bury your DEAD dog in your own garden?

Yes it does wonders for your roses and vegetables!

Is it legal in El Dorado Hills to bury a dead animal?

According to the El Dorado County Code, Chapter 6.28, it is legal to bury a dead animal in El Dorado Hills. Animals can be buried on private property or, if a permit has been obtained, in a cemete... Read More »

WHAT IF I FOund a Dead bird in the back seat of your car?