How to Burt Slide on a Longboard?

Answer Take your long boarding to the next level with this cool trick.

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How to Slide Down a Water Slide Without Anything On?

You’ve probably pulled your shorts/bikini bottoms down once, just slightly, so you could slide down the public pool’s slide faster. But taking the next step and doing it all naked, takes a lot ... Read More »

Can I erase a previously burt CD?

Nope, If its a CDR you can only burn it once other wise you have to break it or throw it away to get rid of it. If its a CDRW that means you can burn the cd then put new music on the cd and re-burn... Read More »

How to Build a Longboard?

If you have ever wanted the option to ride a skate board that is practical for transportation, a longboard is what you are looking for. Building a longboard is usually cheaper than buying one and c... Read More »

How to Get Bearings Out of a Longboard?

Long board skate bearings require periodic maintenance and cleaning to keep them free of dirt, water and corrosion. These procedures require disassembly of the bearings. If you neglect your bearing... Read More »