How to Burp an Air Pocket in the Radiator of a Ford Escape?

Answer The Ford Escape is a popular small SUV that is available in both regular and hybrid engine types. The Escape is a four-door vehicle that Ford generally offers at a lower price, which helps with its... Read More »

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How to Replace a Ford Escape Radiator Fan Motor?

The Ford Escape radiator fan motor can be replaced individually. The motor is purchased without the fan blade, which must be transferred to the new motor. Before replacing a radiator fan motor it s... Read More »

How to Burp a Radiator on a Grand Am?

Removing the air from your engine's cooling system, or “burping,” is crucial when it comes to extending the life and reliability of your automobile. Burping needs to be done after any change to... Read More »

Ford Escape Specs?

Ford began producing its popular Escape sport utility vehicle in 2001. A compact SUV, the Escape is the smallest SUV sold by Ford. In 2004, Ford released its Escape Hybrid---a more environmentally ... Read More »

How to Lift a Ford Escape?

Under-the-vehicle repairs require lifting a Ford Escape and crawling beneath the vehicle. This includes even simple maintenance tasks like changing the Escape's oil and oil filter. There are safe ... Read More »