How to Burp Without People Noticing?

Answer It is embarrassing when you burp in front of people. It might happen at school, at work, at a meeting. One thing is for sure, burps are disgusting. This guide will teach you the 'Controlled Burp', ... Read More »

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I keep hearing clicks on my phone that other people are noticing?

Paranoid or not, have you done anything that would warrant having law enforcement bug your phones? If not, stop worrying, it may just be crappy phone lines.Get the phone company to come out and te... Read More »

What I have been noticing is that people support keeping a child with the bio-parents even when Family Courts?

In my state, the courts can move to terminate rights if the parents are not doing ANYTING in three months but most will not and go for the last 15 out of 22 months ruling....Shocking and heinous ab... Read More »