How to Burnout in a Manual?

Answer The main concept behind this is to be able to hold the car straight or you can slide sideways and hurt yourself and or the car. This is a very simple process you just need to have a car with enough... Read More »

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How to Do a Burnout?

Burnouts with cars are where the wheels spin, causing a large amount of smoke, but the car does not move until the driver "pops" the car into motion. Burnouts are also known as brake burns, roll-ba... Read More »

How to Switch From Manual to Nose Manual?

Ever see someone pull out a manual then switch it around into a nose manual? Now so can you with these instructions and a few days practice.

How to Do a Burnout on a Motorcycle?

While riding a motorcycle is great fun, doing tricks with it is more fun. There are many various actions to learn and do, and this one is easy to learn if you follow the steps as written below.

How to Be a Classy Burnout?

So, you've admitted to being a burnout by now, or numerous people have told you so, but no worries! You can be a totally sophisticated and classy burnout! When anyone thinks of burnout, they get th... Read More »