How to Burn a Cd with Roxio for Windows 7?

Answer Do you want to know how to burn music or other audio files onto a CD using Roxio? You can learn from here!

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How to Burn a DVD with Roxio Mad Dog?

Roxio Mad Dog is an external DVD burner, which burns at speeds up to 18x, according to Radio Shack. The Mad Dog burner comes with Roxio 8.2 XE, the interface that transfers media from the computer ... Read More »

How to Burn a DVD With Roxio Creator DE?

Roxio is one of the leading producers in CD and DVD burning programs for both Macs and PCs. Roxio Creator DE is one of the most popular products form the company due to its ability to create DVDs, ... Read More »

How to Burn DVDs With Roxio 9?

While it used to be that only the most expensive desktops and laptops came equipped with DVD burning capabilities, it has now become a standard feature. If your laptop or desktop computer has the a... Read More »

How to Burn a Video CD With Roxio?

Video CD (VCD) is the optical predecessor to the DVD specification. Video CDs allow for movies to be encoded and burned on a CD media that is compatible with virtually all console DVD players. Roxi... Read More »