How to Burn Calories While Playing Video Games?

Answer Sometimes losing weight for some people is difficult, but maybe you can add a hobby like playing your favorite video game to it to make it more fun!

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How to Exercise While Playing Video Games?

Many people love video games. However they need more exercise!It is possible to exercise WHILE playing video games though (and no, its not the wii).

My laptop just started freezing up while playing video games. What could be wrong?

Being a laptop, I would say it's overheating. Could buy something like this… it might help.

How to Burn Calories Playing Wii?

Ever wanted to lose weight and burn calories just by playing Wii? This article will show you how.

How many calories do you burn playing bingo?

Depends on how fat your arms are I guess . . . Also you will lose more if you jump up and down when you get a BINGO.