How to Bullet-Proof Your Car Windows?

Answer If you are looking to improve your safety, you may want to bulletproof the windows in your car. However, you should know that the term "bulletproof" is somewhat misleading, because no window is com... Read More »

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What does it mean "bullet proof engine"?

if you go out and shoot it wou will find out that #2 is not the answer.

Differences among all the "Bullet" styles - Magic bullet, Nutri bullet, Party bullet, etc.?

How to Measure Bullet Proof Vests?

Law enforcement agencies such as the police and the Army use different types of ballistic vests or bullet-proof vests for protection against firearms and explosions. This item of armor helps to sav... Read More »

How to Buy Full Body Bullet Proof Armour?

Full-body bullet proof armor can be a major purchase and can include everything from a bullet-proof vest to a large helmet and face shield. It is legal for civilians to buy in every state except Co... Read More »